10 mysterious places of 2016


10 mysterious places in 2016 based on real facts happened in India. Even though there are lot of happy events happened in 2016, there are also some mysterious happen. Especially in tamilnadu there are lot of mysterious happen.
In case of swathi’s murder, the people just watched that murder in railway station without taken any single photo. That’s very surprise for everybody and for police too.
Ramkumar, the person who arrested in Swathi’s murder case died in jail by touching the electric wire in jail. This is really shocking to public and everybody confused how it will happen in jail.
in 2016, the biggest shock is cancellation of 500, 1000 rupees notes. People suffered a lot because of this and nobody knows when this problem will be solved. But here the mystery is there is no 2000 rupees in any ATM but some people are having thousands and thousands of 2000 rupees notes and they got in CBI rides.